March 21, 2023, Principal

Principal’s Blog Edition 2 2023: 2022 graduate ATAR results

In 2022 47 of our 52 graduates were awarded an ATAR (90.4%). The majority completed 6 general subjects, where their “best 5” were used to calculate their ATAR. How each subject result impacts an ATAR calculation depends on:

  1. the individual result and
  2. the “weighting” of that subject where subjects considered “difficult” or “challenging” traditionally are weighted higher.

Consequently, ATAR achievements of 99.00 or above are by students who do very well in at least 5 of the more traditionally challenging subjects.

Key Achievements

  • 72% of our Year 12 students achieved an ATAR of 80:00 or above.
  • 80% of students achieved an overall ‘B’ grade or above in 9 subject areas.
  • 6 students received ‘A’ grades for all 6 subjects and a Certificate of Academic Commendation from the QCAA.
  • 92 (32%) ‘A’ grades were awarded across 52 students in 21 subjects. Above the state benchmark of 26.3%.
  • 210 (77%) ‘A’ or ‘B’ grades were awarded across 47 students in 21 subjects. Above the State benchmark of 65.2%.
  • 1 student received a perfect score in Business (100%). This places them as the equal top ranked student in the State for Business.

Subject Achievements

When analysing the external assessment results, we look for a raw score of 80% or above to establish mastery in a particular assessment piece – we then label it an A’. There were 5 subject areas where at least 50% of TAS students received an ‘A’ grade on external assessment – Biology, Chemistry, Japanese, Physics, Specialist Maths.

Watch the video below for more results!


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