Strategic Plan 2022- 2026

TAS is well known throughout Queensland as a school of excellence producing graduates of a high caliber. This acclaim is due to consistently strong academic results and successful, globally – aware graduates. This is achieved through outstanding teachers, engaged and connected students, alignment of family and school values, and a true culture of inquiry and learning. This has been the TAS way since the doors opened in 1983.

At TAS we believe in the balance between building a strong foundation in numeracy and literacy and the development of skills that will enable our students to thrive in the future. At TAS the focus is on preparing our graduates to engage and succeed in a rapidly changing world. The leaders of tomorrow need to develop public speaking skills, critical and analytical thinking abilities and digital fluency.

Our students also benefit from personal development through our excellent in-house pastoral care, award-winning Outdoor Education program, and global connections through our Round Square membership (an organisation of 200 like-minded, high achieving schools from around the world). The following strategic plan outlines an exciting future for our community, where the balance between the pedagogies that we know are effective and the opportunities of new ways of learning, development of engaging learning spaces, and an increased focus on well-being will prepare our graduates for a successful and engaging life in the 21st century

Download the TAS Strategic Plan 2022-2026