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FNQ Interschool Chess Championships Report Rd 1 2019

Date:March 12, 2019

It was great to see 294 students competing in Round 1 of the Far North Queensland Interschool Chess Championships last


Remembering Kara

Date:February 25, 2019

Today, we celebrated the life of much-loved teacher Miss Kara Pylypiuk.    The TAS Community is in mourning at the


FNQ Interschool Chess Championships Report – Finals 2018

Date:August 28, 2018

Finals of the Far North Queensland Interschool Chess Championships were held on the 23 August with 372 students competing.  The


Trinity Day 2018

Date:June 8, 2018

We celebrated our 35th birthday at TAS this week, and were blessed to have Bishop Bill Ray deliver our Trinity


Stargazing World Record Attempt

Date:June 7, 2018

On Wednesday 23 May, over 300 people gathered at TAS to participate in the World Record Attempt for the Most


Online Safety and Cyberbullying | 11 June @ 6pm

Date:June 6, 2018

As parents, carers and educators, we are all very aware of internet safety.   On Monday 11 June, TAS is


TAS – Top 3% of Secondary Schools

Date:March 7, 2019

Dear TAS parent/carer, We were pleased to receive contact recently from the federal government’s Chair of the Standing Committee on


Year 12 Outcomes for Cairns Schools

Date:March 4, 2019

Dear TAS parent/carer, Some of you will have read the Cairns Post story last week on the Year 12 outcomes


Principal’s Blog 2019 – Response to Fees

Date:February 1, 2019

Dear Parents Welcome back to another exciting year. Some of you may have read a story in the Cairns Post


Learning, Believing, Achieving – Edition 1, Term 1/2019

Date:February 1, 2019

Sometimes an authentic experience reminds you of the good. I was driving my mother-in-law’s car up to Cairns recently, for


Learning. Believing. Achieving – A message from Paul

Date:December 12, 2018

I write to you regarding recent stories in the media surrounding legislation concerning religious beliefs within faith-based schools. The Anglican


Learning, Believing, Achieving – Farewell Class of 2018

Date:November 19, 2018

What a wonderful morning on Friday celebrating our Year 12 students finishing their secondary schooling. The Year 12 students themselves


TAS News

Year 12 Outcomes for Cairns Schools

Date: March 4, 2019    Posted by: Sue Wicks

Dear TAS parent/carer,

Some of you will have read the Cairns Post story last week on the Year 12 outcomes for Cairns schools. It was terrific to see Cairns schools do well and is a reflection on the emergence of Cairns as a leading centre of regional education in Queensland.

However, the “league tables” as produced by commercial websites and published by the media don’t tell us the full story. Under the current system, if close to the full Year 12 cohort aren’t sitting for their OP, then comparing percentages of OP bands is neither accurate nor fair.

As a school that believes in preparing students for a tertiary pathway (even if graduates decide not to follow that path after finishing school), each year more than 95% of our Year 12 students obtain an OP. Consider the following example: if 10 students out of 50 receive an OP1-5 in a particular school, the league tables display this as  20% OP1-5. If 10 of the lower achieving Year 12 students decide not to receive an OP, then the league table would show 25% OP1-5, without any change in results or QCS performance.

Therefore, we use a more accurate measure which takes into account the fact that many other schools have a lower percentage of students obtaining an OP, with those choosing not to obtain an OP most likely not academically in the OP1-5 range. That’s the way it should be, where young people have an opportunity to work towards the pathway after secondary that best suits their strengths and interests, but it means that academically apples aren’t being compared with apples in these published media tables.

Our internal measurements apply Year 12 results as a percentage of all Year 12 students, which makes it a fairer comparison of school academic achievements. Note that overseas visa student results are not included in QCAA summary statistics.

We are very proud of our Year 12 graduates and the results they worked hard to achieve. To achieve 30% OP1-5 with a cohort at 97% OP-eligibility is an outstanding outcome for our students. We look forward to hearing further news on the courses they have been accepted into as they take the next step.

Warm regards


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