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The aim of this page is to provide the TAS community with the latest updates in relation to the School’s management and response to COVID-19, all in one place.

Only the most recent updates will be stored here to ensure you and your family can access the most relevant information as quickly as possible.

Remote Learning

Whilst we had hoped that it was not something that we would need to implement again, we have worked hard to put a contingency plan in place in order to ensure that the education of our students is not affected if:

(i) TAS staff or students are identified as having a confirmed case, or

(ii) the government mandates that schools across Queensland or in Local Government Areas (LGAs) have to close for a period of time again.

Our IT department has finalised processes for enabling teaching remotely that can be followed again if necessary and our Teachers have finalised lesson plans, that are deliverable online.

Remote learning resources

Remote-learning-plan 2021



Access the online library resources here

How to use the online library resources


WRS adjusted timetable


Health and wellbeing

Counsellor availability 

Our school counsellor is available on Wednesdays (Kewarra Beach Campus) and Tuesday, Thursday and Fridays (White Rock Campus), during school hours and can be contacted on or through the school office on 40368111. 

Outside of these hours, students and families should access one of the many excellent support organizations within our community, for example, students may find Headspace (ages 12-25, 40413780) or Kids Helpline (24/7, Ph 1800 551 800) helpful and parents can get advice and support through Parentline on 1300 301 300. 

Counselling sessions during this period with our counsellor can be conducted through a private group on Microsoft Teams, through or via telephone via appointment. Parents or students can contact their Head of Campus for referrals to the counsellor. 

Current clients of the school counsellor 

In order to ensure that students continue to receive support for their wellbeing during this period, there are two options available. 

Option 1 – Where possible the sessions will continue through the school counsellor 

We are hopeful that the counselling service can continue in a more limited capacity via online or the phone.  However, it is unlikely that this service can continue with all existing clients during this period.  Priority will be given to some students, depending on their circumstances. 

Counselling services for students in Years 5 to 12 will be provided through private groups on Microsoft Teams or through  We’ve been assured that these are both private and secure.  Students in younger years will have telephone sessions.  In the event that Microsoft Teams and are not available or suitable, email or telephone will be an alternative. 

During this period, counselling at TAS will remain as an appointment-based service.  Appointments will be made at intervals based on availability and client needs.  Parents/guardians need to book their own appointment time or email the counsellor if they wish to discuss something. To assist with maintaining privacy, students should have a private space (but still in view) and may like to use headphones with a mic or play some background noise. 

Option 2 – Interim counselling services by an external organization
The alternative option that may work for some students is to receive support from community providers, as needed, such as Kids Helpline.  Kids Helpline provides a free phone counselling service or online webchat and children and teens are able to choose the gender of their counsellor and request the same counsellor every time.  For older students (12 years and older), Headspace is a great option. Alternatively, your GP can organize a referral to an external counsellor or psychologist on a mental health plan. 

Once schools reopen, counselling sessions with clients should be able to resume as usual and those that accessed support outside school during closure, should be able to resume sessions at the school. 

Please have a discussion with your child (depending on age) about the options available and contact the counsellor via email to advise which option you would like to take.  Feel free to contact the counsellor if you are unsure or if you have any questions  

During this period, try to limit media exposure and encourage students to take time to enjoy some of the things they love at home, practice mindfulness and stay connected to friends and family via the technologies available to us.  Remember to try to continue a routine and provide a balance of activities – including physical, creative and relaxing activities. 

During this time, please remember to look after yourselves and access support if necessary. Parentline provide free counselling and support over the phone for parents from 8am to 10pm (and webchat 8am to 9pm), 7 days a week. Call 1300 301 300 or visit 


Tips-and-resources-for-coping-with-COVID 19


Pandemics-and-the-Coronavirus (a story for kids)

How to write a personal reflection journal


COVID-19 Vaccination Locations


Implemented precautionary measures

When students are on campus the following precautionary measures have been implemented to help safeguard our students and our staff.

Cleaning & environment changes
Our cleaning teams are wiping over all high touch surfaces, including door handles with hospital grade disinfectants, every evening.
Where possible, desks in classrooms have been positioned with as much distance apart as possible.
All surfaces in the gym are being disinfected after each gym session. 

Hand washing
We have ensured that there are hand washing posters and guides in every bathroom on our campuses.
Students are being instructed to wash their hands before and after every class.
Soap and paper towels are being restocked every evening.
Hand sanitising stations have been set up around campus. 

Social distancing 

Social distancing is important to stop or slow the spread of infectious diseases as it means less contact between people. We have implemented a number of social distancing practices at TAS: 

  • Avoiding handshakes and other forms of contact. 
  • Regularly disinfecting high touch surfaces. 
  • Advising members of our community to stay home if unwell. 
  • Encouraging members of our community to maintain a distance of 1.5 metres from each other. 
  • Considered if large gatherings can be rescheduled, staggered or cancelled. 
  • Encouraging the sanitisation of hands at regular intervals. 
  • Parents and carers encouraged to drop and pick up at the school gate rather than coming onto the campus 
  • Coming to school sick 

Unwell members of the TAS community are advised to not attend school if they are feeling unwell. If you are feeling unwell please remain at home until symptoms have resolved and seek medical assistance as required. If any members of our community come in contact with a person who has been tested for COVID-19 please advise the school immediately. 

Sick Bay procedure: 

Students will be assessed when entering the sickbay to see if immediate action should be taken. If immediate action is not required students are able to rest in the sickbay for 20 minutes, at this time if the student is still unwell the Parent/Guardian will be contacted to collect the student from school. If the student’s condition has not been deemed a risk and they are feeling better they can return to class at this time. 

Music program

Individual music tuition

Onsite music lessons will not take place Monday 9th August 2021, further communication to come.


Music ensembles will not take place during the lockdown period.

Early Learning Centre

For those children of essential workers  we have extended outdoor play in the mornings to reduce children’s contact and increase fresh air
Our mats during rest time have more space between them.
We continue with embedding personal hygiene in our program with consistent hand washing transitions and this week we have started our germs project where children can see pepper react to washing up liquid, this represents the germs on our fingers and how soap washes germs away.
Our sanitiser station has moved to the gate, we request that all visitors to our service use the sanitiser provided and that children are encouraged to wash hands on arrival and departure of the service

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Please expect regular communications from us during this time and through the following channels: 

Whole school announcements: From the Principal via email and COVID-19 information hub. 

School-specific information: Will come directly from the Deputy Principal and the Heads of Campus and where applicable updated on the hub. 

WRS Subject-Specific Information- Will be communicated from the Heads of Faculty or individual teachers when necessary. 

Experiencing technical difficulties 

If your child is experiencing technical difficulties please contact the TAS IT department at 


We encourage all parents to review the cyber safety information available on TAS Cyber Safety Hub or in our Remote Learning Plan. We will be providing regular updates once the remote learning program gets underway and the needs arise. With most students spending increased time online it is important that cyber safety is revisited regularly. 


Postponed and cancelled events

As at 9th August 2021, the following TAS events have been cancelled or postponed until further notice:

Kewarra Beach Campus- Primary

  • Junior School Variety Night 
  • Before and after school clubs program
  • Kewarra Beach Campus 30th birthday

White Rock Campus- Primary

  • FNQ Chess Championship 
  • Junior School Variety Night 
  • All after school Chess 
  • All Roco clubs (Coding and Robotics) 
  • Drone Club 
  • Young Performer’s Club 
  • Ukulele Club/s 
  • All Choirs 
  • Movie Magic Club 
  • Tournament of the Minds 
  • Quiet Thinker’s Club 
  • Maths Games 

White Rock Campus- Secondary

  • Aviation STEM Motivation Program
  • FNQ Chess
  • Y10 Outdoor Rec Practical
  • 2022 Captain Interviews
  • Visiting Author Scott Gardner
  • QLD Chess Open
  • All extra-curricular sport
  • Year 8  Outdoor Education Program has been postponed until 5th October.


Sporting Events

Marlin Coast Fowler’s Group Primary CarnivalFriday 13 AugustDue to COVID restrictions, this carnival has been postponed. Students will be advised of the re-scheduled date, when it becomes available. 
Queensland Secondary Surf LifesavingFriday 20 AugustDue to COVID restrictions, this carnival has been cancelled. Students will be notified if a new date is scheduled. 
Peninsula Track and Field ChampionshipsSunday 22 August

Monday 23 August

The Peninsula Track and Field Championships have been postponed.


Peninsula School Sport will endeavour to provide an invitational track and field event for students Term 4. Further information to follow as it becomes available.


The 2021 State Track and Field Championships have also been cancelled due to the impact of current restrictions on scheduled district and regional trials.

TAS Football Training & Games


Multiple datesNo training or games until the 23rd of August 2021.

Players will be advised if games are rescheduled.

TAS Netball Training & Games




No training or games until the 23rd of August 2021.

Players will be advised if games are rescheduled

Brothers TAS Hockey Training & Games


Multiple datesNo training or games until the 23rd of August 2021.

Players will be advised if games are rescheduled


Tuesday & Thursday

Thursday 12 August

Tuesday 17 August

Thursday 19 August

WRCS – TAS Gym cancelled until Tuesday 24 August. 


WRCP – JoggingWednesday 18 AugustWRCP – TAS Jogging cancelled until Wednesday 25 August.


Queensland Schools Table Tennis ChampionshipsSaturday 21 AugustDue to COVID restrictions, the Queensland Schools Table Tennis Championships have been cancelled. Students will be notified if a new date is scheduled.