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Swimming State Championships

Date:January 25, 2018

Wonderful news for our swimmers. At the recent State Championships, TAS swimming once again finished as the #1 state team Read more...

Round Square Exchange – Stella Dziov

Date:January 24, 2018

Year 11 student Stella Dziov is currently undertaking a Round Square exchange at the Fountain Valley School in Colorado. Having Read more...

World Challenge Expedition

Date:January 24, 2018

As you would have seen on social media, our World Challenge Expeditioners had a very successful trip to Nepal. Principal Read more...

Time Capsule Buried – See you in 2037

Date:December 18, 2017

The Class of 2017 Time Capsule was buried on Saturday 16 December.   Prior to being placed in the Bishop Centre Read more...

TAS Time Tunnel farewells graduating cohort

Date:November 17, 2017

The whole school turned out in excitement to farewell our graduating Year 12's in the TAS traditional time tunnel. There Read more...

Learning. Believing. Achieving – Welcome to 2018

Date:January 24, 2018

Welcome back to our TAS community. I hope that you have had a wonderful break and are looking forward to Read more...

Holiday Blog | December 2017

Date:December 11, 2017

TAS World Challenge Nepal 2017 It has been incredible to watch the work that our students and staff are achieving Read more...

Learning. Believing. Achieving – End of Term 4

Date:November 24, 2017

Tree Planting Thanks to our wonderful Year 4 students and Mrs Sloan for planting heaps of trees around the bottom Read more...

Learning. Believing. Achieving – Term 4 Week 7

Date:November 20, 2017

Year 12 farewell We farewelled out wonderful Year 12s with the traditional Year 12 breakfast and the walk through the Read more...

Learning. Believing. Achieving – Term 4 Week 6

Date:November 10, 2017

China I have just returned from a study tour of China with Mr Saunders (English Teacher) as we explore expanding Read more...

Outstanding Opportunities | Astounding Achievements # 2

Date:November 1, 2017

Year 7/8 QAMT Maths Team outstanding at the State finals. Our Year 7/8 QAMT Maths Quiz team were outstanding at Read more...

Aquatic Centre

Located on the schools private grounds, the TAS Aquatic Centre features an Olympic sized fully shaded state of the art swimming pool.

The pool’s versatile design allows for a variety of event configurations, including FINA approved Long Course and Short Course competitions, water polo and learn to swim classes. Ramp access opens the facility to swimmers with special needs.

The facility's five pool heaters ensure that the water is always warm, even on cool winter mornings!

What we offer

TAS Aquatic Centre's classes and squads cater to every level, from absolute beginners to National representatives.

Learn to Swim Classes

Learn to Swim Level 1

This class caters to children who cannot swim but who are old enough to be in the water without a parent or guardian. The aim of this class is to teach children the fundamentals of swimming with special emphasis placed on correct body position in the water, correct breathing with head turn and correct freestyle and backstroke kick.

30 minutes. Classes run on Monday to Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings. Cost: $16 per lesson.

Learn to Swim Level 2

This class is for swimmers who have correct freestyle and backstroke kick and who are able to swim short distances with or without correct breathing. This level focuses on establishing correct balance in the long-axis strokes of freestyle and backstroke. The aim of this class is to perfect freestyle breathing with correct head turn and timing. Backstroke swimming is introduced as well as the concept of underwater streamlining.

30 minutes. Classes run on Monday to Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings. Cost: $16 per lesson.

Learn to Swim Level 3

This class is open to swimmers who can complete a minimum of 15 metres correct freestyle and backstroke. The aim of this level is to build resilience into the swimming. Focus is placed on establishing sound and efficient technique in freestyle and backstroke. The concepts of timing, balance and rhythm are reinforced and breaststroke kick and dives are introduced.

30 minutes. Classes run on Monday to Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings. Cost: $16 per lesson.

Advanced Learn to Swim

This is a mini-squad. In order to qualify for this level, swimmers must be able to complete 25 metres of correct freestyle and backstroke and must possess a correct breaststroke kick. The Advanced Learn to Swim class is designed to bridge the gap between Learn to Swim and Squads. Instructors spend time in and out of water, allowing them to continue with stroke correction while allowing swimmers to experience receiving instruction from the pool deck. Freestyle and backstroke drills are taught and swimmers are introduced to breaststroke and butterfly. Dive starts are further developed and swimmers are extended from 25m swims to 50m swims.

45 minutes. Classes run on Monday to Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings. Cost: $16 per lesson.


  • The entry level for squad. Children must be able to swim 50 metres freestyle, breaststroke and backstroke as well as 25 metres butterfly. Correct technique in all four strokes is emphasised. Racing skills and turns are introduced.
  • Maximum of 5 sessions per week.
  • Required Equipment: kickboard, pullbuoy
  • 1 hour. Classes run on Monday to Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings. Cost: $125 per month
  • This squad caters to swimmers aged 10 years and over who have begun competing and are interested in further skill acquisition. Test Sets Apply
  • A focus on stroke technique continues while basic aerobic conditioning sets are introduced. Emphasis is placed on extending swimmers through 100 metre repeats. Race-specific skills are developed.
  • Minimum of 3 sessions per week.
  • Maximum of 5 sessions per week for 10 year olds.
  • Maximum of 6 sessions per week for 11 year olds.
  • Required Equipment: kickboard, pullbuoy
  • 90 minutes. Classes run Monday to Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings. Cost: $140 per month
  • This squad is designed for swimmers 12 years and over who intend to compete at a State and/or National level. Places are offered to children who have identified swimming as their main sport and who display a good work ethic. Physiological conditioning is emphasised including Aerobic Threshold, Production/Removal and Lactate Accumulation. Race pacing is introduced and technique is constantly developed. Test Sets Apply
  • Minimum of 5 sessions per week.
  • Required Equipment: kickboard, pullbuoy, paddles, short fins, skipping rope.
  • 2 hours. Classes run on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday mornings and Monday to Friday afternoons. Cost: $160 per month
  • Our Adult Squad is open to a broad range of abilities from basic (25 metres) to advanced. Consisting mainly of swimmers preparing for triathlons, our focus is correct freestyle technique, efficiency and ultimately the physical conditioning to prepare for distance open water events.
  • Squads run on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings and Tuesday and Thursday evenings.
  • Cost: $12 per session.

Private Lessons

For people wanting one on one instruction, we offer 30 minute private lessons. Tailored to suit specific needs, private lessons can often be the kickstart needed to build confidence, tackle persistent stroke issues and take swimming skills to the next level.

Lessons can be scheduled any morning, afternoon or evening. Cost: $50 per lesson.

TAS Swimming Inc.

The TAS Aquatic Centre is home to the TAS Swimming Club, offering a competitive outlet for age-group swimmers. From an inhouse Club Night Series to National Competition, the club caters to every need and stage of the competitive swimmer. For more information, head to the website: http://www.tasswimming.tasaquatic.com.au.

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