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White Rock Junior Chess Championships 2020

Date:August 21, 2020

On Thursday 20 August, a record 112 WRJ students from Year 2-6 participated in the WRJ Chess Championship 2020. All


FNQ Interschool Chess Championships Report Rd 2 2020

Date:June 15, 2020

Round 2 of the Far North Queensland Interschool Chess Championships was held on the 12th of June. The wizardry of


FNQ Interschool Chess Championships Report Rd 1 2020

Date:March 5, 2020

Round 1 of the Far North Queensland Interschool Chess Championships was held on 3 March. The Bishop Centre was bursting


Principal’s Welcome Event- 2020

Date:January 6, 2020

Principal Paul Sjogren and the TAS teaching community would like to welcome all TAS parents, new and existing, to join


FNQ Interschool Chess Championships Finals 2019

Date:August 26, 2019

The Far North Queensland Interschool Chess Finals were held in the Bishop Centre 22 August. Dedication, preparation and good sportsmanship


2019 Gala Concert | Friday 30 August

Date:August 5, 2019

No entry fee – all welcome.    


Parents and Staff – Rethinking TikTok

Date:August 18, 2020

Your privacy matters Currently, there are multiple conversations being held around the world as to the safety, security, privacy, addiction


Leo Lin (Year 12) reflects on his recent QUT STEM Internship

Date:July 23, 2020

Recently Grace Belson & Leo Lin (Year 12), were awarded a place in the QUT STEM Research Internship program. 2020.


Principals Blog: Edition 3, 2020

Date:June 15, 2020

Dear TAS community,  Every now and then I receive an email that I feel the need to share, because it


Independent Schools Queensland (ISQ) stance on Year 11 & 12 return to school

Date:April 27, 2020

Independent Schools Queensland (ISQ) have called on the Queensland Government to allow all Year 11 and 12 students to return


Principals Blog: A deeper look at the data – the story of a regional standout

Date:February 17, 2020

We were delighted to see the TAS class of ’19, the last group to ever receive an OP, placed #24


Principals Blog: Edition 1, 2020

Date:February 4, 2020

Dear TAS community, As a Principal, receiving communications such as the one I recently received is one of the role’s


TAS News

Principals Blog: A deeper look at the data – the story of a regional standout

Date: February 17, 2020    Posted by: Alana Ripepi

We were delighted to see the TAS class of ’19, the last group to ever receive an OP, placed #24 on the list of 368 Queensland secondary schools with graduating cohorts. This list is based on the percentage of students receiving an OP1-5. This is a wonderful effort by our students, staff and families and a reflection of the high academic standards of TAS, year in, year out.

Schools in Queensland tend to be either focused on a specific pathway (OP, VET, special program known as QCIA) or more commonly, they provide a mix of pathways. This is where the ranking of schools by the media can be very misleading. I noticed in the media reporting that much has been made of Benowa State High School finishing top-ranked of Queensland schools with almost 73% receiving an OP1-5. On the face of it, an outstanding result. What is misleading in this particular case is that only 11 of their 175 students sat for an OP, that’s 6.3% of their Year 12 cohort. If only 6.3% of students sit for the OP at any school, one would expect a very high percentage to do well (after all, they would be considered the “academic” students). This has been one of the major issues regarding the media “league tables” and not comparing apples with apples.

There are around 20 schools in Queensland who are considered to be “academically focused”; that is, schools where >90% of their cohort achieve an OP. Some of these schools are academically selective (you need to sit an exam to gain entrance) and some are open enrolment (such as TAS). When we start to dig deeper into the data, we can gain a better understanding of the achievement of a cohort. Schools such as Brisbane Grammar and Brisbane Girls Grammar, with 100% OP participation and >50% OP1-5 percentages, have achieved truly outstanding results.

Nine of the top 25 ranked Queensland schools in 2019 are considered academically focused (OP participation >90%). These are shown highlighted green in the table below. TAS, whilst ranked 24th overall, is ranked 8th in Queensland amongst these schools.

There are two major take-aways from the table.

The first is the high caliber of schools in this group of 9:

  • Brisbane Girls Grammar School
  • Brisbane Grammar School
  • Cannon Hill Anglican College,
  • Ormiston College
  • Somerville House
  • Matthew Flinders Anglican College
  • St Joseph’s College Gregory Terrace
  • Trinity Anglican School
  • All Hallows’ School.

These are some of the most highly regarded, prestigious schools in Queensland.

The second takeaway, the one that is often overlooked, and that gives me the greatest sense of pride as a regional Queenslander:

  • Eight of the Nine schools reside in the southeastern corner of Queensland. One of them doesn’t.

I’ll leave you to draw your own conclusions.


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