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Swimming State Championships

Date:January 25, 2018

Wonderful news for our swimmers. At the recent State Championships, TAS swimming once again finished as the #1 state team Read more...

Round Square Exchange – Stella Dziov

Date:January 24, 2018

Year 11 student Stella Dziov is currently undertaking a Round Square exchange at the Fountain Valley School in Colorado. Having Read more...

World Challenge Expedition

Date:January 24, 2018

As you would have seen on social media, our World Challenge Expeditioners had a very successful trip to Nepal. Principal Read more...

Time Capsule Buried – See you in 2037

Date:December 18, 2017

The Class of 2017 Time Capsule was buried on Saturday 16 December.   Prior to being placed in the Bishop Centre Read more...

Learning. Believing. Achieving – Week 5

Date:February 19, 2018

Music What a terrific evening on Saturday night in the Bishop Centre. We were treated to some wonderful performances from Read more...

Learning. Believing. Achieving – Welcome to 2018

Date:January 24, 2018

Welcome back to our TAS community. I hope that you have had a wonderful break and are looking forward to Read more...

Holiday Blog | December 2017

Date:December 11, 2017

TAS World Challenge Nepal 2017 It has been incredible to watch the work that our students and staff are achieving Read more...

Learning. Believing. Achieving – End of Term 4

Date:November 24, 2017

Tree Planting Thanks to our wonderful Year 4 students and Mrs Sloan for planting heaps of trees around the bottom Read more...

Learning. Believing. Achieving – Term 4 Week 7

Date:November 20, 2017

Year 12 farewell We farewelled out wonderful Year 12s with the traditional Year 12 breakfast and the walk through the Read more...

Learning. Believing. Achieving – Term 4 Week 6

Date:November 10, 2017

China I have just returned from a study tour of China with Mr Saunders (English Teacher) as we explore expanding Read more...

TAS News

Learning. Believing. Achieving – Term 1 Week 8

Date: March 17, 2017    Posted by: Sue Wicks

Assessment News – 2016 NAPLAN

We have had the opportunity to analyse the most recent NAPLAN results. Whilst many of the cohorts have performed admirably (for example, TAS were ranked first in Numeracy across 3 of the 4 years levels assessed, finishing a close second in the fourth, whilst Year 3 were the highest scoring in all strands across all schools in Cairns), we are more interested in the improvement of TAS students across the two-year period.

We start by looking at comparisons with students starting at the same score as students from other schools to measure our improvement, as this reduces some of the variability that can effect improvement analysis (i.e. it is harder to show improvement from a previously high-assessed cohort, and vice-versa).

For example, Numeracy gain for our students is very strong between Year 3 and 5:

Blog 1

And between Year 7 and 9:

Blog 2

It was about comparable between Year 5 and 7 – the results are still good, but how can we improve them? We do the same analysis of Reading and Writing.

The next step is to undertake a question-by-question analysis as we look for those areas in which our students are not excelling. If you see below, TAS Year 7 students didn’t do as well in Question NC05. We then review the question, the curriculum material and the pedagogy surrounding that particular concept to see how we can do better.

Blog 3

Blog 4

When NAPLAN results are combined with the PAT testing program, we have a rich source of data which can identify individual strengths and weaknesses for each student and look at strategies to improve understanding within that concept.


Assessment news – 2016 OPs

I was looking over some data recently regarding the success of our Year 12 graduates moving into the next stage of their education and careers. This raised the question of the value of enrolling your student in TAS as early as possible.  When we dig down a bit deeper into our graduate data:

  • Of our top 5 OP graduates in 2016, 4 of them (80%) were Trinitarians (commencing at TAS in Prep).
  • Of the 18 students who achieved an OP1-5, 61% joined us in the primary years whilst 28% commenced at the beginning of the secondary years. 39% of our TAS OP1-15 students were Trinatarians.
  • Overall, 28% of our 2016 Year 12 graduates were Trinitarians.
  • The average starting year for our 18 OP1-5 graduates was Year 4.

Griffith University State Honours Wind Ensemble

Congratulations to our musicians who were selected into the State Honours Ensemble Program recently (SHEP). This is a highly regarded program for high-level emerging instrumental musicians overseen by the Griffith University Conservatorium.

Our musicians were:

Sarah Kerr - Year 12 - violin

Connie Deng - Year 11 - oboe

Tessa Scott - Year 11 - tenor saxophone

India Rowbottom - Year 9 - flute

Hannah Seigmann - Year 8 - soprano

Congratulations to these outstanding musicians.

Blog 5
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The Chapel of St Francis

Each Sunday, a dedicated band of Anglicans meet for worship in our own Chapel at TAS White Rock. I was lucky enough to spend time last Sunday with our congregation at the Chapel of St Francis. They meet at 7:00am on Sunday mornings. Thanks to Val, Elaine, Greg and Lorraine for a lovely service.

Blog 6

WRJ Disco

Thanks to all involved in the WRJ disco last Friday. It was a terrific night with lots of fun and dancing. Particular thanks to the students who hosted the disco and the wonderful parents who organised and ran the food and entertainment. Roxy made a wonderful hat for me with hanging glowing baubles – I’m still recovering from the mild concussion I received every time I moved my head.

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