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Time Capsule Buried – See you in 2037

Date:December 18, 2017

The Class of 2017 Time Capsule was buried on Saturday 16 December.   Prior to being placed in the Bishop Centre Read more...

TAS Speech Night 2017

Date:December 4, 2017

If you missed Speech Night, or want to relive those special moments, the video production of the event is now Read more...

TAS Time Tunnel farewells graduating cohort

Date:November 17, 2017

The whole school turned out in excitement to farewell our graduating Year 12's in the TAS traditional time tunnel. There Read more...

From Cairns to Hollywood – TAS Student Kane O’Rielley heads to LA

Date:October 23, 2017

THANK YOU TO THE CAIRNS POST FOR THIS STORY - 21 OCTOBER 2017   KANE O’Rielley will have something in Read more...

FNQ Interschool Chess Championships Report Round 3 2017

Date:August 20, 2017

FNQ Interschool Chess Championships Report Round 3 2017 The third round of the Far North Queensland Interschool Chess Championships were Read more...

FNQ Interschool Chess Championships Report Round 2 2017

Date:May 26, 2017

The second round of the Far North Queensland Interschool Chess Championships were held on the 18 May.  Over 300 students Read more...

Holiday Blog | December 2017

Date:December 11, 2017

TAS World Challenge Nepal 2017 It has been incredible to watch the work that our students and staff are achieving Read more...

Learning. Believing. Achieving – End of Term 4

Date:November 24, 2017

Tree Planting Thanks to our wonderful Year 4 students and Mrs Sloan for planting heaps of trees around the bottom Read more...

Learning. Believing. Achieving – Term 4 Week 7

Date:November 20, 2017

Year 12 farewell We farewelled out wonderful Year 12s with the traditional Year 12 breakfast and the walk through the Read more...

Learning. Believing. Achieving – Term 4 Week 6

Date:November 10, 2017

China I have just returned from a study tour of China with Mr Saunders (English Teacher) as we explore expanding Read more...

Outstanding Opportunities | Astounding Achievements # 2

Date:November 1, 2017

Year 7/8 QAMT Maths Team outstanding at the State finals. Our Year 7/8 QAMT Maths Quiz team were outstanding at Read more...

Learning. Believing. Achieving – Term 4 Week 4

Date:October 27, 2017

SHOUT-OUTS RAFFLE for the Coconut Carnival: A call out to all in the TAS community to sell your tickets. All Read more...

Outdoor Education

TAS Outdoor Education Handbook for Students and Parents

At TAS, students can develop the essential life skills of resilience, leadership, teamwork and self-responsibility in the safe, yet challenging, learning environment of the inspiring sequential outdoor education program. The program provides students with strategies to develop honesty, empathy and self-reflection, while living healthy and sustainable lives. These attributes are highly valued by employers, tertiary institutions and all sectors of society.

The setting for the program is the diverse yet beautiful natural environment of far North Queensland.  This spectacular backdrop provides all participants with a direct relationship with the natural world, fostering a depth of understanding that is critical to making educated and informed decisions about the future of the planet. With youth obesity, mental illness and screen time on the rise, the outdoor education program provides a viable and healthy experience for TAS students. The program provides personal challenges, encourages participation, fosters leadership skills and develops traits of community responsibility, cooperation, resourcefulness, resilience and communication. Quite simply – it is so much more than a CAMP.

The TAS Outdoor Education Program is recognised as one of the best of its kind in Australia and is unique in its scope and duration as students from Year 2 to Year 12 participate in a range of new and exciting educational experiences. These experiences range from a ‘first time away from home’ experience in Year 2 to the flagship program, 'the Year 9 Journey', of 18 days duration.

A select group of students at TAS can further develop their interest in outdoor education by enrolling in the Certificate II in Outdoor Recreation offered at the school in Year 10 and Year 11. An in depth course where students focus on a range of outdoor pursuits to develop their skills as future outdoor leaders.

Let Year 11 student Sophie Kalkowski-Pope show your her Outdoor Education Journey


The Value of Outdoor Education

In today’s modern world where there seems to be an increase in:

  • urban compaction and close living.
  • academic focus and social busyness.
  • sedentary life styles.
  • pace of change and technological advancement.

In the same world we face a decrease in:

  • extended recreation time.
  • reflective time and time out.
  • connection to our natural environment.
  • community interaction in our local area.

Kurt Hahn (the founder of Outward Bound) quotes ‘We must not dis-able our children by making their lives easy’.

The TAS Outdoor Education Program seeks to actively address some of the above concerns from Year 2 to Year 12 via a range of sequential experiences throughout a student’s life at TAS.

National and International research tells us that lasting change to core behaviours in students occurs more deeply, and is longer lasting with programs of five to seven days in length. This lends weight to the inclusion of the School’s flagship program, the Year 9 Journey, over eighteen days.

Core tools and experiences of the Year 9 Journey:

  • remote camping and hiking expeditions.
  • canoeing and canoeing expeditions.
  • community service environmental work and social connection.
  • communal living with real consequences.
  • structured, supportive and safe challenges.
  • high and low challenge ropes courses.
  • abseiling.
  • initiatives and team challenges.
  • rock climbing.

These tools and experiences endeavour to develop in students:

  • a strong positive social identity.
  • true self confidence.
  • independence followed by social and community interdependence.
  • awareness of  the benefit of challenges.
  • self reliance.
  • personal growth.
  • insight.
  • teamwork.
  • environmental appreciation.

These lofty goals are achieved by:

  • utilising the natural locations around North Queensland.
  • having professional outdoor education staff who ensure high standards, safety and outcomes for students and parents.
  • utilising local professional outdoor education contractors to add value to programs.
  • a constant commitment from the school to promote and value these outcomes.

Year 2 An overnight sleep-over at the school that introduces students to the concept of camping away from home.

Year 3 Three days at Lake Tinaroo, on the Atherton Tablelands, in dormitory accommodation. This camp is an introduction to the challenges and rewards of outdoor education. The program includes an afternoon excursion to Mareeba Heritage Museum.

Year 4 A three day camp in the Mulgrave Valley, which will include environmental and team building activities, water based activities and a host of challenging day activities.

Year 5 Three days at Barrabadeen, undertaking a broad range of adventure and environmental activities, including canoeing on Lake Tinaroo, abseiling and hiking to Bushranger’s Bluff.

Year 6 Four days camping at Chillagoe, 200 kilometres inland from Cairns. Investigation of life in an arid environment introduces students to local European and Aboriginal histories, art, cave biology and geology as well as developing a sense of exploration through adventure caving and day hikes.

Year 7 A four day camp where students will travel to Wangetti. The program is defined by a two night hike, carrying all gear, through the spectacular waterfall country of Hartleys Creek. The educational focus of this program is to develop solid catering skills and campsite management practice, while learning about indigenous history and the culture of the region from a local elder.

Year 8 A five day canoe journey is conducted on the Barron River, between Mareeba and Kuranda. Over 50 kilometres, students negotiate rapids, cook all their own meals and camp under bivvies in rustic campsites. The educational focus of this program is teamwork, communication and relationship with the little known Upper Barron.

Year 9 Journey Year 9 is a demanding year for adolescent students. To help our students develop the bonds of a positive and supportive group, a longer program has been developed. The eighteen day Year 9 Journey sees students undertake a canoe expedition on Lake Tinaroo, abseiling, environmental service projects, sailing, mountain bike tour, high ropes course, a four day hiking expedition and a “solo” reflection of one day’s duration. This holistic experience challenges, teaches and builds empathy. The educational outcomes of the Journey are observed in students well after the last meal is cooked, tent slept in or hill climbed.

Year 11  Students select from a host of outdoor experiences over five days. Options include the South Passage sailing voyage, a hiking expedition, scuba diving, Russell Island exploration, horse riding and mountain biking. All trips assume a foundation of competency developed in the previous camps and are highly challenging and rewarding experiences.

Year 12  Senior students have an important and challenging year as leaders of the student body. The Year 12 Retreat, held at Lake Tinaroo early in the year, emphasises leadership and group cohesion. A series of speakers discuss, among other things, study skills and future direction. Some time is spent in house organisation.

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